IMAGINARY SCULPTURE #1 - An Effigy to Back-breaking First Loves

Picture this: in a blackout cube-like room, a human spine is suspended from the ceiling. Lit from above with warm light, it sparkles like gold as you move towards it. It is a spine made out entirely of pyrite, fool's gold. Standing next to it, you notice around the cervical area in a spiral around the spine, parallel to the ground, a lot of medals with different types of ribbons, ropes and ties. Extended, with the round medallion towards the exterior, suspended as if possessed, frozen in time. On the medals, various inscriptions for various prizes you did not win. The names of everyone you have ever dated. Losing medals as opposed to winning ones, the numbers denoting which one in the line of dating you were for that specific person until they found the one they were looking for.

How many medals must one lose to win?

IMAGINARY SCULPTURE #2 - A Monument to Monumental Bonding

Picture this: A double bed, perfectly made, in the middle of a brightly lit room, slightly blinding. As you get near it, you notice the material: pure storm clouds. On the pillows, the barely noticeable embossing of faces which appear to be looking at each other. The concave hole of the eye sockets on both of the pillows appears moist, stormy, reminding you of tears. On the covers, in darker hues, barely noticeable, a different cloud structure making up the Korean character ​정 (jeong), which stands for a particular type of compassion which builds up, a love that lives within, as well as outside of, the body.

When was the last time that you cried together with someone for something outside of your power?

IMAGINARY SCULPTURE #3 - The Trace of Love // The Trace of Loss

Picture this: Next to each other, on a wall, two pieces of fabric which have sown into them maps. On the left, a black piece of fabric, thin as a shadow. On the right, a white piece of fabric, light as air, ultraorganza. The black piece of fabric has, hand-embroidered into it, in beautiful white silk words and lines which connect these words. Every good memory of every smell, feeling, song or noise, touch or taste you have of your loved one, with a date and the place where it happened. The trace of every moment that made your love grow. In parallel to it, the white piece of fabric juxtaposed has dark encrusted words and lines, almost smudged on top of it. The trace of every moment you despised or every touch or smell or place which made you grow apart. Points of no return, like dark holes on white fabric.

If you sit in the middle of these two and cross your eyes, what will you see?